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    What is cataphoresis?

    Cathodic electrodeposition or cataphoresis is an immersion painting process, fully automated and based on the displacement of charged particles within an electric field (paint) towards the pole of opposite sign (metal part to be painted). The main objective of the treatment is the protection of surfaces against corrosion, a field in which its properties make it the ideal treatment for this purpose. This treatment allows the painting of areas that are difficult to access such as hollow areas, pipes, etc.

    efore applying the paint, the parts go through a surface preparation process consisting of degreasing, tricationic phosphating and different washes. After the application of the paint, the part is subjected to temperature to achieve its polymerization.

    Why choose cataphoresis for painting our parts?

    More and more industries are selecting cataphoresis as a coating type due to its excellent finish quality, high productivity, reasonable costs and high efficiency. Cataphoresis can be used as a final finish or as an excellent base for other types of final finishes. Easily conforms to original configurations while maintaining design tolerances on parts

    What parts can I paint with cataphoresis?

    From rolled, galvanized or stainless steels, to iron or aluminum forgings, thanks to the fact that easily adjusts to original configurations, maintaining the design tolerances in the parts.

    Polea de distribucion

    Acabado de cataforesis para pieza automovilistica

    Polea de distribucion

    Carcasa de servofreno

    Pieza de automóvil procesada mediante cataforesis

    Carcasa de servofreno

    Soporte asiento furgoneta

    Soporte de asiento mediante cataforesis utilizado en furgonetas

    Soporte asiento furgoneta

    Brazo de suspensión

    Pieza de exterior preparada para ambientes corrosivos

    Brazo de suspensión

    Pestillo de cerradura

    Utilizado para furgonetas

    Pestillo de cerradura

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    Cataphoresis, all you should know

    Cataphoresis is the electrochemical process used in the anti-corrosion treatment of sheet metal bodies and/or automotive parts. Also known as phosphating, the part is immersed in a liquid consisting of phosphorus and subjected to a positive stress.

    Negative tension is applied to the workpiece, which attracts the phosphor particles uniformly accessing all corners.

    • High corrosion resistance, even with small paint thicknesses (15-35μ).
    • Awfully good indoor protection.
    • Coating layer uniformity along the entire surface.
    • Irregularities absence and dripping drops in the paint layer.
    • Process reproducibility.
    • Eco-Friendly Treatment. Solvent content under 1%.

    Currently, cataphoresis coating is the most advanced method of coating that
    exists for the anticorrosive treatment of metal surfaces.
    Cataphoresis is usually used as a base coating, to be used at the end of the coating
    for subsequent use of other surface treatments.

    However, it’s also commonly used as a single coat treatment. The use of cataphoresis guarantees a significant increase
    in corrosion resistance, which allows a wide range of sectors in which this technology can be used.

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