Evolution in anti-corrosion treatments

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    What does ZINC COATING consist in?

    Electrolytic zinc plating consists in the deposition of metallic zinc through the passage of current in a specific electrolyte. In this way, bright zinc deposits are obtained on metallic parts of various materials, such as steel, zamak, brass, etc.

    If we also, on the bath, we add a nickel solution between 12-16%, we obtain a Zn-Ni coating.

    zinc coating

    Why choose Zinc or Zinc-Nickel coatings?

    Among the benefits of Zn & Zn-Ni electrodeposited coatings, compared to other coatings, are the low thickness required to obtain good corrosion protection (usually working with thicknesses of 8 to 20 microns), the excellent adhesion to the base metal, the corrosion protection capacity and the good reactivity for the application of passivation layers and subsequent sealing.

    Some Zinc and Zinc-Niquel benefits

    Excellent corrosion protection. Good performance in cataphoresis or powder coating treatments.
    Ideal for outdoor use or parts subject to harsh environments.
    Ductile coating that maintains good adhesion, even after mechanical transformation.
    Limits thermal stress to parts subjected to high temperatures.
    Heat resistant and can maintain good corrosion protection after being exposed to high temperatures.
    Good alternative to cadmium plating or hot dip galvanizing.
    It provides a thin, smooth, uniform coating that can be used on threaded parts or components with tight dimensional tolerances.

    Zinc coating, all you should know

    Zinc coating uses an electrolytic process where alloys are immersed in a zinc solution and an electric current is applied, while galvanizing requires immersion of the alloys in molten zinc at high temperatures.

    Among the major differences, the brightness and fineness of the layer used with zinc stand out over the hardness and opacity of the galvanizing process.

    • Hot-dip galvanizing
    • Cold galvanizing
    • Electrolytic zinc coating
    • Spray metallization
    • Galvanized by lamination

    It’s the process where a layer of zinc is adhered to the steel to protect it from corrosion.

    Electrozinc coating is the most commonly electrolytic coating of steel used method. This coating process ensures reasonable protection against corrosion and is used to improve the properties and persistence of the paint.

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